Specialist in text and editing

My services

I write and edit texts for digital and print media: brochures and employee magazines, books and magazines, websites and apps. Different audiences require different types of texts: I always find the right tone of voice.

Among my clients are 365 Dagen Succesvol, Shell, the Anne Frank Foundation, National Geographic and Bis Publishers.

Examples of my work

Since December 2022, I write blogs about health and wellness for Dephion and the HABTIC program that promotes physical and mental well-being for employees.

In the Fall of 2021, I edited The Power of Music Thinking in close collaboration with the author.

In the Spring of 2021, I edited the book Captains of Leadership, in close collaboration with the author.

In 2017, I wrote the Dutch-language book Ontspannen voor beginners. I wrote this book to help people to create more breathing space and relaxation in their lives. I explain how to manage energy and create insight into habits and patterns. By building a personal yoga and meditation practice, the readers will be able to take control of their lives, and experience more relaxation and flow.

For the Anne Frank Foundation, I wrote and edited copy for The Secret Annex Online: an interactive 3D exploration experience centered on the Amsterdam location where Anne Frank and her family hid during World War II.

For Shell World, Shell’s employee magazine, I wrote articles in both English and Dutch. Examples:

About me

dit ben ik, redacteur en tekstschrijver, Gilleske Kreijns

At the age of 17, I spent my senior year at a high school in Dicksonson, a small town in Texas. During my college years I lived in Seattle for half a year while doing an internship at the University of Washington.
After getting my degree in English Language and Literature and American Studies, I worked for the Dutch-language edition of National Geographic Magazine and for Unieboek, a Dutch travel guide publisher. In 2010 I started my own business: Bureau.txt.

Contact me

Would you like more information? Please contact Gilleske Kreijns:
06 811 384 11